Summer Term 1 – Owl Class

Year 1 have been celebrating Earth Week.
We read the story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ which is about a plastic bag that gets mistaken for a jelly fish!
We had lots of fun learning about the importance of keeping our oceans clean and safe.

Year 1 have been enjoying their golf lessons!

The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch – April 2021

Year 1 have been reading the story ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’.
We had a delivery from Mr Grinling. He asked us to design a disgusting sandwich to stop the seagulls from stealing his lunch. We designed a disgusting sandwich and wrote adjectives to describe them. Then we thought of a way to transport our sandwiches. We designed and made baskets to carry our sandwiches across to the lighthouse.

 We have also been busy making lighthouses.

Spring Term – Robin

As part of our Nature, Nature topic we learnt about the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees.
We went on a tree hunt to find out how many deciduous and evergreen trees we could see.
We found out that there were more deciduous trees in our school.

Percy The park Keeper – After The Storm

Year One have been learning about the book ‘After the Storm’ which is a Percy the Park Keeper story.
To introduce our topic, we went out into the forest school (Percy’s park) to look for the different characters from the story in their habitats.
We had so much fun and we even found Percy’s wheelbarrow along the way!


March 2021

‘Here he is dressed as Trevor, one of the Heroes from the Super Happy Magic Forest’

Superhero Vehicles

We have designed and created our own superhero vehicles

January 2021

Maths –
We have been learning about odd and even numbers. We had to find the odd or even numbers outside on the playground.
Then we had to use a beanbag and throw it onto a number and decide whether it was odd or even.
We had lots of fun!
P.E –
We have been practising our hockey skills on the playground.
We have been learning about guiding the ball carefully around cones using our hockey sticks.

Superhero Characters

AndyWarhol inspired artwork

Christmas 2020

Owl Class

We have filmed our Christmas Play.
Our scene told the story of the three wise men making their journey to Bethlehem to see the new born king.
We really enjoyed their Christmas dinner.
We had lots of fun pulling our crackers with our friends and wearing our colourful crowns.

We have had some very special visitors in school.
We really enjoyed learning all about the reindeer and we were even able to give them a little piece of carrot too!

Robin Class

We have filmed our Christmas Play.
Our scene told the story of the sheep and shepherds meeting the angels and hearing the news of the new king being born.