Seaside Trip

Year 1 had an amazing school trip to the seaside.
The children enjoyed visiting the aquarium, taking part in a rock pool workshop, seeing all of the different sea animals and playing on the beach with their buckets and spades.

Healthy Eating Workshop

Year 1 enjoyed tasting different vegetables to put into their colourful pasta salad as part of a healthy eating workshop.


Year 1 had lots of fun visiting KJAR to take part in a multi skills competition.


Australian Aboriginal Art

Year 1 have been learning about an Australian Aboriginal artist called Emily Kame Kngwarreye.
We enjoyed creating art inspired by her work.

Owl Class March 2022

We have planted sunflowers.
We will be observing how they grow and change over time.
We went on a tree hunt. We looked for deciduous and evergreen trees.
We learnt that deciduous trees lose their leaves in autumn, but evergreen trees stay green all year round.
We found more deciduous trees!
We had fun celebrating World Book Day!

Superhero Vehicles – Owl

Owl Class have been learning about creating superhero vehicles with a fixed axle and moving wheels.
We have worked very hard to explore, design and make superhero vehicles to play with.

Superhero Vehicles – Robin

Robin Class had great fun this week in Design and Technology.
We explored the parts of a vehicle and practised attaching wheels to an axle.
We then designed our vehicle and made a superhero vehicle!

December 2021

Year 1 had great fun seeing the reindeers.
We fed the reindeers and made Christmas wishes with some antlers.

Year 1 had a lovely Christmas lunch.’

Year 1 enjoyed performing their Christmas Play called A Miracle in Town.